Nail Varnish

There are loads of colours out there at the moment but here are a few of my summer faves!

Avon Gel Finish Nail Enamel
Avon: £3.50 each

‘Firecracker’ and ‘Fabulous’ are my favourite colours, I don’t think you can order these from the new avon catalogue however you can order them online and at the moment they are reduced to £3.50 instead of £7.00. Only one coat is necessary and it stays on for a long time.

OPI Neon Brights 2014 Nail Polish Collection – Life Gave Me Lemons £8.95

I love this colour so much, it’s so bright and summery, OPI are one of the best brands for nail varnish so this is great for the summer!

Matte Nail Paint – Copacabana
Barry M: £3.99

This is such a lovely, bright colour to wear for everyday use.

Layla Cosmetics Mirror Effect Nail Polish 01- Metal Chrome
Amazon: £5.55

This is probably one of the best mirror polishes on the market and it’s cheap! This is the nearest mirrored nail varnish you are going to get without having a manicure so it’s a definite must have for the summer as you can wear it with any outfit.

These are just a few of my favourites! Sorry this blog post is short!


So I went to Newlook yesterday and brought lots of bits and bobs for the summer which I think you guys might like.

Tan Contrast Double Strap Wooden Wedges


Blue Polka Dot Short Sleeve Boxy Shirt


Blue Strappy Floral Print Swing Dress


White Sleeveless Floral Print Shirt


Blue Sleeveless Floral Print Playsuit


White Leather Embellished T-Bar Sandals


So these are just a few items that are great for summer! Newlook is really great at the minute for holiday clothes so I recommend you take a look at some of their products!

Travel Outfit Ideas

So when you’re travelling, you want to wear something comfortable, and you want to wear something suitable for when you get to your destination. So here is an outfit idea.

Nasa T-shirt
Topshop: £22.00

I’ve got the same top but in grey, it’s great because it’s light and baggy so will be perfect if you’re travelling to a hot destination.

MOTO Low Rise Leigh Jeans
Topshop: £38.00

Ankle grazers are perfect for travelling, especially to somewhere warm because they’re slightly shorter, so seem more summery.

Suede/Canvas Old Skool
Vans: £55.00

You want comfy footwear to travel in as you’ll probably be wondering through the airport for hours, so these are perfect, and they also go with the above items^^ .

Black Leather-Look Metal Corner Tote Bag
Newlook: £24.99

It’s a great sized bag for travelling so it’s handy to fit all your accessories in.

Metal Arm Cateye Sunglasses
Topshop: £16.00

Handy to keep with you for when you arrive at your destination as hopefully it will be sunny! They will also hide the bags under your eyes due to lack of sleep.

There’s just an idea of what to wear if you’re travelling to a warm destination this summer!

Everyday Makeup

Here are a few items that you can wear for a casual everyday look.

Clinique super balanced makeup
Clinique: £22.00

Provides great coverage for the majority of the day. I’d definitely recommend it, it comes in all sorts of colours to get a perfect match with your skin.


Clinique fresh bloom all over colour blush
Clinique: £26.00

This comes in 3 different shades so there is lots to chose from. This lasts for absolutely ages so is definitely worth the money.

High impact mascara
Clinique: £16.50

I’ve always had a problem with mascara because my eyelashes curl down instead of up, however I’m really impressed with this as I don’t even have to use eyelash curlers! It’s long lasting so you won’t have to reapply.

Long lasting eye pencil
Yves Saint Laurent: £19.00

I use this on my water line and it’s great, the nib is great for producing smoky eyes. This eyeliner comes in a variety of different colours, however for everyday wear black is probably the best colour to choose.

L’absolu rouge lipstick
Lancôme: £22.50

This lasts all day so is great as you don’t have to worry about reapplying. The colour above is rouge rayonnant which is the colour I use, however there are lots of other colours to choose from if you want a brighter/subtler colour.

So there is the makeup I use everyday, please feel free to comment suggestions on what to write on my next post as I’m running out of ideas!

Travel Essentials

Here are a few things that are handy to keep in your bag when you’re going on a flight.

Maybelline Baby Lips
All main drug stores: £2.99 each

Your lips will probably get dry during long haul so these will hydrate them for up to 8 hours.

Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder
Clinique: £23.00

This is perfect especially if you have oily skin, as you may be in the air a long time you might get warm and sweat so this just mattifies your face to reduce shine.

Kleenex Pocket Tissues
Superdrug: £1.49

You never know when you might need tissues so it’s always handy to keep a small pack in your bag just incase.

Extra Chewing Gum
Most drug/food stores: 92p

Easy to slip into your bag to freshen you up throughout the journey.

Eye drops
Boots: £4.09

If you’re anything like me, your eyes will get quite dry especially if you’re wearing contacts which can cause discomfort so these are great for instant relief.

Many stores/boots: 89p on average

I get headaches quite often so paracetamols are perfect for travelling to stop any aches/pains.

Apple: £25.00

It’s always good to listen to music so these are great to stop boredom.

These are just a few essentials to take with you on your journey to make it much easier and less stressful.

Skin Care Routine

Recently I have started the Clinique 3-step anti-blemishing skincare routine. After using it for 3 weeks I can say that I am surprisingly impressed with the results. The routine can be used for all skin types.


Step 1:
Cleansing foam.

All you need is some cotton wool balls. Put some foam onto the cotton wool balls and rub all over your face, this is just an exfoliate.

Step 2:
Clarifying lotion.

Again use cotton wool balls, however this is only for certain parts of the face. The solution helps to remove redness of spots so they are easier to conceal later on. The lotion contains a mattifying powder so is used mainly on the t-zone to avoid oily skin. The powder will sink to the bottom so remember to shake before you use. Be careful to only use this in specific areas as too much moisturising can also cause spots.

Step 3:

Just get a tiny bit on your finger and rub all over your face. You have now completed your 3-steps.

The procedure is to be repeated twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening to get better results. Overall I really recommend the 3-step skincare as it really has proved to work! If you ever find yourself in trouble skin wise I suggest you try it out as your routine can be tailored for your skin! The customer care at Clinique is also amazing too as they will probably ask you to come back for a check up to see if they need to tweak your routine.

My June Wish List

So as we’ve just gone into June I thought I’d do a wish list of all the items I want to purchase by the end of it!

Topshop: £30.00
These are my personal favourite because you can team them up with any outfit, you could even still pull them off with full length jeans!

New Look: £19.99
Everybody loves kimonos! You can wear them on holiday in the day/night! You could even wear them for a casual night out at home.

Topshop: £24.00
What I love about this is that you can wear it as a casual everyday top or you could use a skirt/jeans to dress it up at night! You could team it with anything because of its colour. Blue and white stripes are really in right now.

Topshop: £35.00
This shirt is amazing for the summer, the colours are lovely, it’s a definite must have if you’re going to a summer festival/to wear at night.

All your typical drug stores: £2.99
I’ve never had a problem with the Rimmel 60 seconds polish so this is perfect as it’s cheap and is long wearing! I chose this colour as coral is the most popular colour this summer and it’s bright so creates a lasting shine!

Topshop: £28.00
I love washed out shorts so these are great for everyday wear, they are also high waisted so are extremely comfortable!

RayBan: £135.00
These are my absolute must have for the summer! I wear normal glasses anyway which are wayfarer raybans like these so I would love to invest in some sunglasses also. I love tortoise shell glasses and these are easy storage as they fold! The price can vary depending on how you customise your sunglasses.

That’s about it on my wish list so far. Sorry there is so many products from Topshop but at the moment they are one of my favourites!